Hulk : New Luiz Ronaldo?

The powerful FC Porto and Brazilian attacker revealed that he wants to become like the Great Luiz Ronaldo and states that he is ready to make a step up in his career.

Hulk ready to step On

He is one of the hottest property in europe and is on the radar of PSG, Chelsea, Tottenham, Arsenal, Bayern Munich, Madrid etc, and he wants to become the worlds best as was Brazilian Legend Luiz Ronaldo  and has stated that he is ready to step up in his career graph and is ready to play in the best league and with the best players.

The 25-year-old has become one of the most sought-after players in Europe after becoming an integral part of Porto’s squad since joining the club from Japanese side Tokyo Verdy in 2008.

But he can’t decide which club to choose or which league to playin, as when asked where he would like to go i.e. La Liga, Premier League or the Bundesliga he answered :

“The atmosphere in these leagues is amazing and the fans really make the matches more exciting,” he noted.

Hulk went on to reveal that he saw Brazil legend Ronaldo as an inspiration when he was little.

“He was always my hero and the player I admired the most. Growing up, I always wanted to be just like him.”

Since moving to Porto four years ago, Hulk has made over 150 competitive appearances for the Dragoes, scoring almost 70 goals.


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